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Consumers are defying traditional demographic stereotypes.  With boomers refusing to retire and women 22-30 outearning & outlearning men, “typical” simply no longer exists.  This becomes even more interesting when 79%* of consumers are expecting a personalized shopping experience.   Consumers want, need, even demand their brand experiences to be easy, intuitive, enjoyable for ‘me’.

The Market is responding with hyper-personalization and smart segmentation platforms based on user psyche and behavior versus outdated demographic segmentation.   Shopping experiences are being re-invented leveraging beacons and other dynamic personalization engines that capture data in real time and allow brands to personalize experiences.  Brands can now track shopping paths, help with wayfinding, and provide customized offers & product tips.

Brands to Watch  Sephora’s app provides immediate and direct access to product ratings and reviews while shopping in store, helping consumers find the ‘perfect’ product; Starwood is rolling out technology for guests to use their smartphones as room keys and to expedite and personalize check in just by walking in the front door.  Taco Bell’s mobile app smartly motivates consumers to order add-ons, delivering a customized experience and at the same time, increasing average transaction ring. 

Something To Think About  The bar has been raised.  Brands can now effectively improve the chances of capturing a sale ‘now’ and ultimately build long-term loyalty.  Is your brand set up to deliver engaging, customized experiences?

By: Gita Chari Mattes